Our Team

Everyone’s opinions matter

  • Alan Kangas
    Alan Kangas President
  • Lars Lindberg
    Lars Lindberg General Manager
  • Mitchell Kangas
    Mitchell Kangas Operations Manager
  • Crissie Greco

    The employees and businesses we work with. ADK is different in that the “everybody matters” culture is more than just a catchphrase or mission statement recited by management; it’s something felt by the employees and the people we do business with.

  • Annia Homola
    Annia Homola Accounting Supervisor

    ADK focuses more on its employees, and not just the job specifics. The atmosphere is friendly, relaxed, fun and positive. You can tell ADK has a focus on keeping their employees happy, its hard to believe companies operate any differently once you’ve worked here for a while.

  • Emma Reddig
    Emma Reddig Accounting Assistant
  • Andreas Wettainen
    Andreas Wettainen Chief Information Officer
    6-6-4-5 (Kolbe).
    “Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.” -Steve Jobs
  • Annie Ritola
    Annie Ritola HR / Safety Coordinator
  • Katrina Erickson
    Katrina Erickson Scheduler
  • Alex Lindberg
    Alex Lindberg Commercial Project Manager

    ADK cares about you as a person, not as a tool to make a profit. Everyone matters.

  • Channing McCormack
    Channing McCormack Commercial Project Manager
  • Jayce Erickson
    Jayce Erickson Commercial Project Manager
  • Thad Hanson
    Thad Hanson Assistant Project Manager
  • Andrew Jamison
    Andrew Jamison Project Coordinator
  • Marty Stewart
    Marty Stewart Service Estimator

    People and freedom. We are all on the same level when it comes to how we’re treated in the company. No one is above anyone else. There’s no hierarchy. I never thought it would be possible for a company to have so much trust in it’s employees.

  • Ryan Rosenlund
    Ryan Rosenlund Service Project Manager

    Work can be fun. Whether it’s escape games or having company picnics, we’re always making work enjoyable. The guys all have good personalities and are easy to get along with. As a company we work hard to keep that alive.

  • Melissa Rosenlund
    Melissa Rosenlund Service Manager

    ADK gives their employees the chance for continual growth within the company. ADK promotes a happy, fun environment and it shows in the way the employees put their all into the work they do every day.

  • Bethany Ek
    Bethany Ek Service Assistant
  • Tim Gregg
    Tim Gregg Project Manager

    We do a wide range of electrical projects, keeping variety in our work. We are very employee oriented and everyone has a say in the direction the company takes. My favorite part is that everyone is willing to help each other get something accomplished.

  • Christian Reifschneider
    Christian Reifschneider Lead Prefabricator
  • Wes Edmonson
    Wes Edmonson purchasing manager assistant

    In my prior job I didn’t feel like there was a “team” feeling. ADK is the opposite, you will feel like you are apart of the team in many different ways. You can ask questions, participate in focus groups, receive atta boys for your success both big and small. You also have the opportunity to have movement within this company as you grow your skill-set and your interests change.

  • Ty Erickson
    Ty Erickson Fleet Manager

    I feel this company is so different it’s hard to describe. It’s a place where everyone’s ideas are heard. Not just mine, but everyone in the company has a real voice.

  • Tyler Wilen
    Tyler Wilen

    The people here make my job awesome. Everyone cares and lives that aspect of ADK everyday. It’s grown fast as a company, but we still don’t operate top down. People still listen.

  • Paul Tweten
    Paul Tweten

    Solving Problems. From start to finish everyone at ADK takes ownership over what they’re doing. Work is so much more productive when people take pride in their work and are responsible for their actions.

  • Dane Kangas
    Dane Kangas Foreman

    There’s no other place like ADK come see for yourself. I like the good mix of work and the employees.

  • Slavic Sakhno
    Slavic Sakhno Foreman

    I really enjoy the group of people that work here at ADK. It’s a great place to work and hard to describe until you’re here. Everyone is very down to earth an have respect for one another. I came from a larger company where I felt like just a number. Here, everyone knows your name and there are no favorites.

  • Layton Massie
    Layton Massie Apprentice

    ADK really does care about their employees. I love that I have a voice here, and can truly contribute in helping my department grow and succeed. There is a great relationship between all of the employees and if anyone ever has too much on their plate, there is never a lack of someone willing to help them out.

  • Robert Gagnon
    Robert Gagnon

    ADK puts their employees first and everybody comes together to get the job done, everybody I have worked with are go getters and it’s just a great environment to work in!

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